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Davines Love Curl Regimen

Consist Of Curl Shampoo or Curl Cleansing Cream

Curl Conditioner or Curl Hair Mask

Curl Primer, Curl Cream, Curl Controller

Clients I prefer this for

  • Love luxury products

  • Need humidity and frizz control

  • Seek lots of shine

  • Looking for a shampoo or cleansing cream specifically formulated for the unique needs of wavy, curly or mixed texture hair.

  • Several customizable options available to provide the proper balance for every curl type.

  • Can be used as frequently as daily

  • Works wonderfully on chemically treated hair

  • Smells amazing


  • Wash hair with either the shampoo or cleansing cream once or twice using stylist recommended frequency or as needed and rinse well. The shampoo is a lather based cleanser the cream is a no lather conditioning cleanser.

  • Apply conditioner or mask from 2-4 inches away from the root and leave on for as little as 3 minutes or up to 15 minutes covered with a cap for enhanced product benefit then rinse well. The Curl Conditioner is intended for fine to medium hair. The Curl Hair Mask is for thick drier hair types.

  • After towel drying hair apply your stylist recommended combination of finishing products.

  • Curl Primer can be used alone or with Curl Cream and Curl Controller. Curl Primer will offer hydration, anti humidity, anti frizz, and a very light hold that is soft and natural. Use 5 to 20 sprays depending upon the length and density of the hair. Use Curl Primer alone if you have naturally formed curl that requires very little product to maintain a texture you like and only seek Shine, hydration, and anti humidity.

  • Curl Cream can be used alone or along with Curl Primer and Curl Controller to strengthen hold. Curl Cream offers soft to medium weightless invisible hold. Hair is left shiny and soft. The curl pattern is softly controlled and smooth. Use Curl Cream alone or with Curl Primer if you are seeking a soft medium controlled curl with shine, hydration, heat protection from diffusing and a natural shiny texture.

  • Curl Controller has the stronger hold in the Love Curly trio and can be used alone or together with Curl Primer and Curl Cream. I consider it a medium to medium-strong hold. The curl is soft and very shiny but there is a springy elastic bounce and hold. Use Curl Controller alone or with Curl Primer If you have a more textured curl and require a stronger hold that is pliable yet maintains shape.


  • . How much Curl Cream and Curl Controller to use  depends upon the length and density of the hair with shorter or thinner hair using the quantity of half a dime size amount and longer or thicker hair using a quarter size amount or more.

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