Davines Oi Line Regimen

Consist Of Shampoo, Conditioner, All in One Milk and Oi Oil.

Clients I prefer this for

  • Love luxury shampoo

  • Have normal to dry hair

  • Seek lots of shine

  • Want hydration

  • Can be used as frequently as daily

  • Whether air-dried or blow-dried hair is soft and not weighted down

  • Works wonderfully on chemically treated hair

  • Smells amazing


  • Wash hair once or twice using stylist recommended frequency or as needed and rinse well

  • Apply conditioner from 2-4 inches away from the root and leave on for as little as 3 minutes or up to 15 minutes covered with a cap for enhanced product benefit then rinse well. Some people like to rinse conditioner out only 50-80% of the way. This product is okay for that just monitor to make sure your hair isn't oilier quicker.

  • After towel drying apply All in One Milk. How much to use is personal. If blow drying I tend to use less than when air drying. As the product is very rich in moisturizers start with less and adjust until you find the quantity that is perfect for your hair.

  • Oi Oil can be applied before and/or after styling. It is a wonderful smoothing and shine serum with the added benefit of nutrition, protecting the hair from humidity and protecting from heat damage.

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